Rotorua Canopy Tours

Rotorua Canopy Tours is a tourist operation comprising an adventure course with zip lines, swing bridges and tree top platforms in an ancient forest. The company aims to restore the scenic reserve in which it operates to a pre-human state, when it was flourishing with flora and fauna.

The Dansey Road Scenic Reserve, north west of Rotorua, is 500 hectares of virgin native forest. Every day, when Rotorua Canopy Tours takes customers on a guided journey through the forest, it shares its conservation story and educates the visitors on the impact of pests and the biodiversity crisis affecting New Zealand.

The company has set traps to catch pests in the forests, increasing from 20 traps in 2012 to 712 today. Already, since 2013, thousands of pests have been removed. Plant life is flourishing, and bird populations are thriving. The initiative has the support of customers, local business owners, the community, schools and international visitors. The Department of Conservation is a major stakeholder, allowing the company to operate a commercial business and restore the environment at the same time.