Wishbone Design Studio

Wishbone Design Studio has created a multi-functional balance bike for children aged one to six, made from 100% post-consumer recycled carpet. Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition is the world’s first bicycle made from 100% recycled material.

The frame of the Recycled Edition bike is made from engineered resin sourced from recycled residential carpet. Each bike diverts 3.4kg of used carpet away from landfills and saves 4.7 litres of oil otherwise used in virgin plastic production.

The bike introduces very young children to a lifetime of cycling, while reducing landfill, minimising raw materials, and avoiding the consumption of fossil fuels in manufacturing.

The bike is a three-in-one product which transforms from three to two wheels. It grows with the child, thanks to its patented RotafixTM seat-and-frame adjustability system. It is consciously designed for 100% reparability: every component is available for purchase.

Wishbone Design Studio is a finalist in the Going Circular category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.