Oliver Hunt, Founder, Medsalv – 2021 Awards finalist

Oliver Hunt

Medsalv improves the sustainability of the healthcare sector. Medsalv is the only provider of re-manufactured medical devices in Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s the only provider collecting used devices from hospitals for repurposing.

The firm also eliminates waste in the delivery of items. The company employs reusable containers. This ensures machinery works at full capacity, maximising energy efficiency from a 100% renewable energy provider.

Medsalv hires staff through agencies such as Skillwise. This provides meaningful employment opportunities for people who are often excluded. It has designed equipment to make it usable for people of all physical and intellectual capabilities. More than 20 hospitals now help tackle the health sector’s problem of waste by using Medsalv. Oliver also encourages hospitals to better record their emission profiles. He runs free workshops with hospital employees. He lobbies for putting sustainability officers in executive positions at a district health board level.