RUBY – 2021 Awards finalist


Founded in 2002, RUBY is a fashion label based in Aotearoa New Zealand with an eight-store footprint. Clothing lines are designed in-house and 60% of the product is made here.

In a New Zealand-first, RUBY started selling its intellectual property to tackle clothing waste. In 2020, the business launched ‘Liam Patterns’. Instead of buying Liam garments ready-made, customers make their own from this desirable range using a collection of paper patterns. The aim is to help them value their clothing more and to waste less.

Patterns are made using waste from sawn timber production. Customers are encouraged to use found fabrics, rather than new, to create their garments. During Covid lockdowns, RUBY has run sewing classes online. In one year, 2,550 patterns were sold through RUBY stores and three wholesale stockists.