Wholly Cow – 2021 Awards finalist

Wholly Cow

Wholly Cow is a family-owned enterprise producing prime beef, lamb and Boer goats. It aims to generate positive outcomes across every part of its operation – animal welfare, soil health, community, packaging, mental wellbeing, finances and staff happiness.

Wholly Cow has built an on-farm micro abattoir to process its own stock. It produces hot compost from the inedible by-product of the abattoir process. It also owns a butchery in Cambridge and offers a meat delivery service within a 35 kilometre radius. Vermicomposting is produced from undigested grass and cardboard from the butchery.

Wholly Cow has created tallow-coated paper bags for fresh meat cuts to replace 800 plastic bags per week. It also uses sugar cane meat trays and bioplastic cling film. The enterprise has created a line of tallow skin balms, soaps, candles and lip balms with packaging made from discarded magazine pages. Wholly Cow makes naturally tanned sheepskins and some of its workwear comes from upcycling discarded clothing.